‘Salt Madonna’ wins Mslexia Prize

Mslexia magazine issue 74

My short story – ‘Salt Madonna’ – was awarded winner of the 2017 Mslexia Short Story Competition!

Winning this award has utterly floored me. I entered the competition in a sleep-deprived state (I have a young baby) and then, not wanting to chalk up a rejection from my favourite literary journal, put it out of my mind. Some months later, when the editor, Debbie Taylor, passed on a message that she wanted to speak to me, I was excited and terrified by turns. Was she wanting to tell me that my story placed in the competition? Or that there was a problem with my story? The mind does strange things when you’re nervous!

I still can’t believe that the judge, Deborah Levy – who, let’s face it, is a goddess – read my story and actually liked it. I’m such a huge fan of her work, so this means a lot to me.

The short stories I’ve read in Mslexia have really stayed with me and I’m honoured to be published alongside them.’

McGuire is able to convey a total sense of place in a few well-chosen pared-down sentences.

Deborah Levy, 2017 judge(/p>
‘Salt Madonna’ is published in issue 74 of Mslexia.

Read a sample here or get your own copy.